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We expect all students to wear our uniform.  Our uniform reflects our high expectations. It is the first thing to be seen by the public so we expect students to wear uniform properly at all times, including walking to and from school.

All Students Should:

  • Wear a sensible coat to and from school in poor weather.
  • Wear shoes in school at all times, NOT trainers.
  • Carry a reasonably sized school bag.
  • Make sure there are no extremes of hairstyle (colour / cut / tramlines).
  • At most, only wear one plain ring /plain round ear studs (no other body piercing allowed) and a wristwatch.
  • Wear the following uniform, most of which is available for purchase from the school
School Blazer School Blazer
School Tie School Tie
White School Shirt
(short or long sleeved)
White School Blouse, with full button to collar
(short or long sleeved)
Black V Neck Jumper Black V neck jumper
N/A Black Skirt
(school style, material, knee length) or
Black Trousers
(school style, material, no fashion/ jeans/cords)
Black Trousers
(school style, material, no fashion/ jeans/cords)
Black Shoes
(no boots, trainers or trainer shoes, no canvas/plimsolls, no white piping on shoes)
Black Shoes
(no heels, wedges, boots, slip-ons or canvas/plimsolls)
Black or white Socks Plain Black or White Socks
N/A Neutral or Plain Black Tights
(not coloured/patterned)
Grey Jumper for PE (Optional) Grey Jumper for PE (Optional)
School Polo Shirt for PE School Polo Shirt for PE
Black Football Shorts BlackFootball Shorts
PE socks PE Socks