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We know that appearance matters and that uniform and smart dress are an important aspect of setting and maintaining high standards. The school uniform has been the product of widespread consultation and been approved by the Governors. It is important that the uniform is smart, simple, easily understood and easily available. Our uniform policy complies with guidance from the Office of Fair Trading.

Governors review the school uniform annually.

School Uniform  

Standard cut school blazer, to be worn at all times.

School Badge

Hall Braid

Black, plain with school badge on chest pocket.

Hall Braid on top of the pocket.

All students can choose any type of blazer - double or single vented.

School tie(clip on)  

Standard cut shirt/blouse


Short or long sleeves. White - tucked in.

Not fitted or 3/4 length sleeve.

Jumper (optional), with or without sleeves. Black V-neck, plain. No logos.
None of the following: cardigans; patterned/striped or coloured jumpers or hoodies.


Black, plain, knee length skirt or regular cut trousers
None of the following: stretchable, skin tight, low cut or boot-leg trousers.
Midriff should not be visible.
No denim.
Socks/Tights Plain black tights or black socks below the knee.
Shoes Formal black and polishable.
None of the following footwear:
stiletto; high heeled; open backed; sandals; sports; canvas; boots.
Outside coat Plain and dark

PE and Games


Light blue polo shirt

Black SKORT of Black shorts
Long black socks for outdoor sportss
Trainers (non-marking)

Football boots

Multi-Sport Shirt with school logo

Shin Pads

Gumshield (these can be purchased from the PE. Dept.)

Optional Royal blue micro fleece with school logo